"Preserving our American rural heritage"



The Armed Forces Museum in Greenville, Illinois, maintains as its sole mission to preserve these important pieces of military history. They are involved in a program called “Living History” which furnishes displays of historic vehicles and memorabilia, as well as works with reenactor's at civil events like Armed Forces Day and Veterans Day. The museum also participates with reenactments and furnishes schools, youth, and civic groups the opportunity to see and experience history far beyond a book or a movie. Each of these vehicles has a story and a history far more vivid and rich than described here. We usually only hear about the major battles like the Battle of the Bugle or the Invasion of Normandy, but the truth is, any war is filled with numerous battles known only the soldiers who were there. An important piece of history in those battles are the vehicles which transported or assisted those soldiers in completing and surviving their missions. As much a piece of history as the weapons themselves, these vehicles play a very important role in connecting us with the soldiers who lived and died in their service.

Armed Forces Museum

"Memories of Steel"